Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Front Runners Look Away

I don't appreciate people who claim to be fans of a team, after they start winning. It's not fair to those who stick it out with a team for years before reaping the benefit of the team's success with Championships and all-star talent.

Take the New England Patriots Fans around the country. As I blogged earlier, can people remember the fact that they completely sucked until 1986, and until 1996? Can anyone remember Hugh Millen doing so bad you wished he would get hurt for Scott Zolak? Can you remember the years of praying you'd win 3 games? You don't... that makes you a front runner... a band wagoner if you would. How can you be a fan if you didn't feel their pain? Feel the hurt of not performing and having that "There's always next year" mentality, and not being serious.

Take also the Boston Red Sox. People forget the 86 years of non-world series titles. From 1918-2004, they found every way to lose. They lost in the last innings (Bucky Dent), Extra Innings, star pitchers left in too long, freak injuries, balls through legs, errors... the list is disgraceful... although it wasn't for a lack of talent, with people like Dwight Evans, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, Ted Williams, Carl Yazrempski, Carlton Fisk, Wade Boggs, Dave Henderson, Ricky Henderson, Roger Clemens, Lee Smith... the list is endless. The problem was a mystical curse. If you don't remember the cures... you're a front runner. If you watched teams that were out played by horrible teams, you are a true fan.

Another front runner team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The problem is they sucked their entire existance. Thanks to LeBron James, they have sell outs, myriads of fans, and a whole host of publicity. Who remembers the Cavaliers. I know they lost to the Bulls in the playoffs during Chicgo's run of 6 championships, but it's still haven't won a title, and bowed out to the Spurs a few years ago, and to the Celtics Last year.

Take also the same said Chicago Bulls. You saw Michael Jordan jerseys everywhere, Bulls apparel, Bulls merchandise flying off the shelves... where are those fans now? No MJ, no Fans?

My point is that you should stick with a team, like a marriage, in sickness and in health, till death (or relocation) do you part. If you can't stick with a team when it's bad, then don't root for any team. If you abandon them when they don't win, you don't need to root at all. Fans stick it out when the skies are gray or blue... hot or cold, championships or losing seasons.

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RookieRuggerLSU said...

Hey Now - I wouldn't say the Cavs sucked. They had many years of decency. Well, the Mark Price years were pretty darn good. And yes, I was a Cavs fan way back then. I didn't need LeBron to like the Cavs - actually, I like them less now that they have him.