Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFL Power Rankings as of Week 14

Well, another week, another power ranking... let's get right into it.

1. Tennessee Titans - 12-1 - AFC South Champs - Well, the Colts' run is over in the South, and the Titans are #1. Thanks to back up Kerry Collins, and a sweet move by Jeff Fisher to bench Vince Young before the season went bad... With Chris Johnson rushing like he does, it's hard not to put them at #1... although Vic Carrucci had them ranked 3rd.

2. New York Giants - 11-2 - NFC East Champs - 1st Round Bye - Well, you fall after faltering against the Philadelphia Eagles. Although yes, you are the champs, let's remember that you're the only consistant team in the NFC East. Plaxico's more of a distraction then you think he is, and you guys showed it on the field. Let's not mention Antonio Pierce either.

3. Carolina Panthers - 10-3 - NFC South - The reason they're ahead of the Steelers is Strength of division. With the Atlanta Falcons (8-5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-4) and New Orleans Saints (7-6), it's hard to put Pittsburgh who has Baltimore (9-4), Cleveland (4-9) and Cincinatti (1-11-1). You have to play 6 of your games against 3 teams above .500... you deserve to rank third.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers - 10-3 - AFC North - With this big game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, it may have more implications then we think. Considering the fact that the Steelers bolster the #1 ranked Defense in every category known to man, although Baltimore's like 1-A. Anyhoo. The Steelers have defeated the Patriots (at Gilette Stadium) and that win helps keep a tiebreaker if the Ravens pull off the division.

5. Baltimore Ravens - 9-4 - AFC North - Well, with Rookie quarterback Joe Flacco pushing this team to offensive prowless on a team that's always been known for defense... you're something special. Add to that coach Harbaugh, a rookie NFL Coach himself. You're a solid top 5'er in my book.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 9-4 - NFC South - A great season for the guys at "The New Sombrero". Nothing to be upset about. However, you have to realize that you need to utilize more runs with the rushing game. Congrats on the Tampa D on making themselves a name again under Monty Kiffen.

7. Indianapolis Colts - 9-4 - AFC South - Well, you aren't the champs of the AFC South Anymore, but you're looking like the Colts again. Peyton's Peyton, that's all you need to care about. At least you struggled early in the season.

8. Atlanta Falcons - 8-5 - NFC South - You're there, you can sniff it. Matt Ryan gots game, and the offense is reaping the rewards. It's a nice thing to see that rookies can prosper, even rookie coaches. Mike Smith has these guys playing the season of seasons after the distraction of that "Michael Vick" guy from last year. Be nice to see them at the top, to keep the tradition the NFC South has had of worst to first every year. If you finished last last year, you're usually first this year.

9. Denver Broncos - 8-5 - AFC West - Finally a western squad out here. Well, it's not pretty, but thanks to the rest of your division completely sucking this year, you're guarenteed the playoffs without competition. With San Diego (5-8), Oakland (3-10) and Kansas City (2-11), it's all but systematical you're in. Nice to live life in a weak division.

10. Dallas Cowboys - 8-5 - NFC East - Well, it's December, let the collapse begin. You gave a game away to the Steelers then threw Romo under the bus. The dude's still gots a broken pinkie finger. But we blame the quarterback for losses, and the wide receivers for victories. How's that gonna work out?

11. Arizona Cardinals - 8-5 - NFC West Champs - Well, the ultimate crappy division strikes again, with the Cardinals, San Francisco (4-9), St. Louis (2-11) and Seattle (2-11), it's not even worth mentioning. You're not in the top 10 because you're a weak division leader. At least you'll host a playoff game.

12. Miami Dolphins - 8-5 - AFC East - They rank ahead of the Patriots, because they made a Buffalo team lose in Toronto. The Jets fall because they lost to the 49ers, and the Patriots are falling due to struggling against the afformentioned Seattle Seahawks. As the top dog in the 3 headed monster that is the AFC East with New England (also 8-5), NY Jets (also 8-5) and Buffalo (6-7).

13. New England Patriots - 8-5 - AFC East - They slip down because of struggling against the Seattle Seahawks... a team you should have beaten quite handedly. Now, you add that Tedy Bruschi may be out for the rest of the season, but reinforcements are coming in retired Junior Seau and Roosevelt Colvin, who you had released early in training camp.

14. New York Jets - 8-5 - AFC East - Lost to San Francisco? WEAK... I should drop you farther, but I think I'm running out of 8-5 teams, and you rank here, because you still have Brett Favre.

15. Minnesota Vikings - 8-5 - NFC North - Well, you're in the lead in the NFC North, but also remember, it's the same division as the Detroit Kittens, I mean Detroit Lions (0-13). Tough to rank ahead of many when 2 of 4 teams are below 500.

16. Philadelphia Eagles - 7-5-1 - NFC East - Well, it's not pretty, and yes Donnovan, there are ties. You guys need to keep Brian Westbrook a running back... then when you throw to him, it makes it work. Keep it up, if the Cowboys do the December Belly Flop, you have the cat-bird's seat.

17. New Orleans Saints - 7-6 - NFC South - Well, as the cellar dweller here, you can rest assured that you have a great chance of winning it all next year. You're not bad, you only rank behind the Eagles in the loss department. Keep your hopes up, you can still make the playoffs.

18. Chicago Bears - 7-6 - NFC North - Well, you had the chance to move up and be an 8-5 team, you just can't handle those in-division games that don't play the Lions. The Vikings are a crucial game every year. Still, the defence ROCKS.

19. Washington Redskins - 7-6 - NFC East - Well, you've proved me wrong that you were a Super Bowl Contender. Well, one can dream, can't I. I can't figure you guys out, so you don't get more then 3 lines out of me.

20. Houston Texans - 6-7 - AFC South - I'm done saying well. This team's proving that you don't need talent to succeed, but they're still a distance away from being a top flight team without it. Matt Shaub is injury prone, and you should thank your lucky stars Sage Rosenfels is a good backup that can help out.

21. Buffalo Bills - 6-7 - AFC East - You can't win a game that you should have dominated. In Toronto, Buffalo North. It's not like you don't have talent. Oh wait, I forgot, JP Lohsman was the quarterback. Never mind.

22. San Francisco 49ers - 5-8 - NFC West - The only other team in the NFC West with more then 2 wins. Mike Singletary may have just been the guy for them. It's nothing else. Shaun Hill may be what they need... not JT O'Sullivan. Well, hopefully they keep Singletary... he'll bring back the 49ers of old.

23. Green Bay Packers - 5-8 - NFC North - The season had promise, the season had hope, and now even I wish Brett Favre was still a Packer. They still have the frozen tundra. That's good enough for me.

24. San Diego Chargers - 5-8 - AFC West - You have won the most disappointing turnaround award, and don't blame the absence of Shawne Merriman. You guys have sucked through the whole time. LT has less then 10 total touchdowns this season, looks horrible, Phillip Rivers may be rowing his boat gently down the stream, and the defense is damn near pathetic.

25. Cleveland Browns - 4-9 - AFC North - 2 of 3 starters out for the year (Derek Anderson - Knee; Brady Quinn - Finger), down to Ken Dorsey. The season's officially over. You signed a washed up. couldn't be, it's not easy to say this, but Romeo, Romeo, your job is toast-o, romeo. In comes a rebirth of Marty Ball, Schottenheimer may be back as Browns head coach. Tooooo funny.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars - 4-9 - AFC South - Another team that proved my Super Bowl Prediction Wrong. Way to disappoint those who were counting on you not to look totally lost in the NFL. I don't know why, but you guys aren't the team that you were last year, and it's definitely not Jack Del Rio's fault.

27. Oakland Raiders - 3-10 - AFC West - Can't think of anything Positive to say about a team that fires the head coach because he didn't want the owner running the playing. Why hire a head coach if you want to coach? Anyhoo... there's always next year (snicker).

28. St. Louis Rams - 2-11 - NFC West - I just wanted to put them ahead of someone so it's not so embarrassing? It's a mess there, and there's no help in sight, unless Dick Vermiel comes out of retirement.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - 2-11 - AFC West - Eh, be happy you're not the Detroit Lions. That's the best thing I can say. You're gonna draft high, maybe even fire Herm Edwards. Who knows, it's not pretty, and won't be.

30. Seattle Seahawks - 2-11 - NFC West - It's especially embarrassing to be an 11 or 12 win team to losing that number. Not nice to do to the departing Mike Holmgren. You quit already, and it's not fair. He gave you the best years you've ever had.

31. Cincinatti Bengal - 1-11-1 - AFC North - You're an embarrassment to pro-ball. It's not right that you have the talent you do, and then you can't freakin' fart right. Not cool. You're the Bungles from here on out.

32. Detroit Lions - 0-13 - NFC North - How can you go 0 for everything? Hire Rod Marinelli, or Matt Millan. Bring back Wayne Fontz. You had a chance then. I'd like to see the Lions take on the Appalacian State Football Team. It's probably a closer game then you'd see them play in the NFL.

There they are, another Power Ranking from me. don't like it, watch soccer.

Monday, December 8, 2008

1ST PLACE... Boston Bruins?????

Is it me, or do us Bruins fans of long time ago remember the streak of never missing the playoffs? With players like Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr, Johnny Bucyk, Terry O'Reilly, Cam Neely, Adam Oates, Ray Borque, Don Sweeney, Craig Janney, Joey Juneau (had to name him for those who remember the good times), Glen Wesley and others?

For years, we had Joe Thornton... when the team thought he wasn't any good, they trade him to the San Jose Sharks... all he does is win the Heart Trophy (MVP). They trade away Sergei Samsonov, who hasn't done much since due to his diminuative size. Then they had Blaine Lacher, they heralded him as the next Andy Moog. He was a one and done guy, and no one has heard from him since.

The Bruins were a mess lately, and last year wasn't much better, although you can blame cheap injuries as to why they struggled, even though they made the playoffs. They lost Patrice Bergeron to a severe concussion on a cheap shot by Randy Jones. They lost Andrew Alberts to another severe concussion on a cheap shot by Scott Hartnell. It's losing 2 cogs that helped eliminate them in the first round. Glad to say Patrice is back, but Alberts hasn't returned yet.

This year, the Bruins are dominating the NHL, winning 10 straight at home (TD Banknorth Garden), and posing a current record of 19-4-4... being 4 points up on the New York Rangers with 3 games in hand.

Usually, you'd have to have star power, but it's the contributions from the whole unit that makes for this team's success. Let's start with star center Marc Sevard. Last year he was the assister. His defense wasn't spectacular, but this year, I'm proud to say he's a 3 zone player, and contributing statistically by netting 8 goals with 24 assists for 32 points and a +/- of +15. Which tells me that he's aiding.

Next we travel to star forward Phil Kessel. Kessel's speed, agility, hands and heart are driving him to be quite spectacular. Last year during the playoffs Claude Julien (coach) benched Kessel, telling him he needed to play better. Well, this year he definitely got the message. Last year in 82 games, he had 19 goals. This year, he has 17 goals 8 assists and a +/- of +12.

We also need to mention that 2 top defensemen in Aaron Ward and Andrew Ferrance are nursing broken legs, but then along came Mark Stuart, Matt Lashoff and Matt Hunwick. Three perrenial "Baby B's" are making great marks, including Hunwick, who has 10 points in 15 games (3 goals 7 assists).

Their biggest problem is which goaltender to start? Manny Fernandez (8-1-1 2.09 Goals Against Average, save percentage of .926) or Tim Thomas (11-3-3 1.90 Goals Against Average, save percentage of .940). Both have been remarkable as of late, as they both have won in 8 of 9 games played between them, with Fernandez running 7 straight.

Not to mention that the penalty kill has been better, and the power play is showing signs of life. They have tough guys in Shaun Thornton and Milan Lucic, they have hard hitters all over the ice, and truly, I believe this isn't a phase...

GO BRUINS... It's nice to bleed black and gold!!!! Boston... the Hub of Hockey

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phillies Win!

Well, my breakdown was wrong, and it's hard to imagine how I could have been more wrong. However, the Rays' series with the Red Sox must have broken the spirit as they weren't the same Rays as we saw all season long. I'm not sure how else to word it. I think they were mentally broken down, and just never recovered. Even with 48 hours between the 5th and 6th innings, they still couldn't get their minds back.

I'm also congratulating Philadelphia on pulling it off amongst high scrutiny that they NL didn't have a chance against the AL powerhouses, but Ryan Howard, Cole Hammels and Jimmy Rollins came through when it mattered, and Brad Lidge, once considered too risky by the Houston Astros, closes out the game by striking out Akinori Iwamura. Way to go Phillies, your 2008 World Series Champions.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disturbing Trends in the NFL

Well, Adam "Pacman" Jones isn't alone with the rap sheets lately. It's a disturbing trend I 'd like to see gone.

First and foremost. These players do have the right to be a person outside of the game, but understand what you do is highlighted more on SportsCenter for what you do off the field then on it. The media wants to knock you down peg after peg, and you're letting them. Let's highlight some of the lowlights in the NFL.

Larry Johnson - Mr. Penn State before going pro with the Kansas City Chiefs. Had attitude issues that lead to disputes with coaches, and public calling outs. When he finally got his chance, he proved he was talented enough to do the job, and lead a team. Injuries kept him out. However, he also has this thing for Spitting Drinks into women's faces, inciting Simple Assault Charges on him. Mr. Johnson... keep your drinks in your mouth, you're not a sprinkler, and if they wanted what you were drinking, they wouldn't want it from your mouth. Now, he may be lost for the season if these charges hold up.

Santonio Holmes - Well, Pittsburgh could have used you. And you weren't there, because of your arrest on Marijuana Charges. Not smart. You're a talented player, leave the grass in the locker room. There's another Ricky Williams Wannabe here, and it's not good. I'd like to see you guys realize that Athletes don't need this stuff, and Athletes need to keep their chin out of trouble. You not being there really made it easy to double Heins Ward and Heath Miller, making it easy to stop your already banged up offense. I'm sure that it's okay with that public appology, afterall, a loss is okay if you weren't there.

8 NFL PLAYERS - From Deuce McCallister to Grady Jackson, 8 NFL Players have been caught testing positive for a banned dieuretic, which also has been known to mask a positive steroids test. Now, the NFLPA is fighting it, but it's still a banned substance, you should keep control of what goes in your body.

Chris Henry - Well, he was released from his Bengals contract because he spent more time in jail then out of it. Suspended for a season due to off-field issues. He was resigned by the Bengals, and since has stayed out of trouble. Well, for now.

Odell Thurman - Another Cincinatti Bengal with a longer rap sheet then stat sheet. He had promise until he couldn't stop the illegal substances. Well, he only has himself to blame. No "boo hoo to me", it's his fault.

Tank Williams - Bears had him, he was great, violated probation by having a gun. Now, I've never been on probation, but I do believe they outline what you can't do. If they say no gun... don't buy a gun. Released, resurfaced with the Dallas Cowboys, who have a lengthy history of hiring those with character of ill repute.

Kevin Faulk - Although he's not a repeat offender as the others, he still was suspended due to "off field" problems. I'll be honest, just shows you that the NFL won't fall for the BS that is done after the pads are off. You represent the NFL in the pre, regular and post seasons, and you have to control youreself.

Adam "Pacman" Jones - Suspended all of last season, because he became on a first name basis with police departments all over the country. He comes back this year, and less then 5 games into the season, he gets into an alcohol-related altercation with a bodygaurd, hired by the Cowboys, and is suspended indefinitely. He later checks into a rehab center for alcohol. Hey, I know... CONTROL YOURSELF... what a novel idea.

Koren Robinson - Such great promise, such great hope, calibur of wide receiver that you would want on your team... big fan of the bottle too. He was moved out of Minnesota, Green Bay and Seattle. I'm not sure if you can just drink a smidge, and enjoy company of others a little less tipsy.

If there's a bit of issues, try not to make the headlines in the wrong way. I can understand entirely that you are entitled to your private life, but when it crosses the line of legality, you deserve to be chastized. If you want to make people think you're genuine, don't do stupid stuff. Absolutely don't. I can't stress that we like the players, not the felons. There's no such thing as the real "Longest Yard". You can't be on ESPN from "The Prison Yard". Trust me, ask Michael Vick.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


1. Tennessee Titans - AFC SOUTH - (6-0 - still to play): Regardless of win or lose, the Titans are still at #1. There's just no way to penalize them for losing to a Colts team (if that so happens Monday Night), even a sub-par Colts team. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 1

2. New York Giants - NFC EAST - (6-1): Eli may be for real, and the G-Men sure showed a good resolve coming back against a sturdy and strong Pittsburgh Steelers team and catapult themselves to #2. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 4

3. Washington Redskins - NFC EAST (5-2): Look, without major talent, and a severely banged up Jason Taylor, it's apparent that Jason Campbell is a matured quarterback, capable of leading a team. Santana Moss isn't a upper tier receiver, but still is capable, and Clinton Portis is a premiere back. Other then that, it's a who knows team. If you ain't a fan, who knows them? LAST WEEK'S RANK: 6

4. Carolina Panthers - NFC SOUTH (5-2): Well, what a difference this team is with a healthy Jake Delhomme (missed 90% of last year with elbow tendon issues). Steve Smith is providing a team leader, and the rushing attack is what keeps Mike Fox his job. In the Southern Division of the NFC, it's now or never, and never is a wild card. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 7

5. New England Patriots - AFC EAST (5-2): Look Buffalo fans, when you lose to the 2-4 Dolphins, you don't go ahead of the Patriots, although if you think, they haven't beaten them either. It's the fact that with Matt Cassell's performance as of late, it's not the least bit of a concern anymore about "No Brady? What will you do". It's also nice to mention that with the key injuries that they've had (Tom Brady, Rodney Harrisson, Lawrence Maroney, Ellis Hobbs, Deltha O'Neil, Stephen Neal, Logan Mankins, Sammy Morris and LaMont Jordan), they can still win. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 13

6. Buffalo Bills - AFC EAST (5-2): Sorry Trent Edwards and the Bills, but you're no better then the Patriots, but when it comes down to it, the Pats have played 2 division games, and you've gotten 1. That's the reason you're that far down. Be happy to know that at least you don't have that lofty expectation, and you're still headed to the playoffs. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 2

7. Pittsburgh Steelers - AFC North (5-2): Ben Roethlissburger and the Special Teams need to wake up after this one. You cannot leave that many opportunities on the table, and expect to be ranked that high. With the talent and the power smash defense they have, they are a better team then they played today. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 3

8. Dallas Cowboys - NFC East (5-3): Well, Romo's out, and the ship's still a-sinking. Brad Johnson's capable, they traded for Roy E Williams, and lost Roy L Williams (safety) for the rest of the season with a broken forearm. TO is ineffective, Jason Witten was injured today, the defense isn't that great, and the offense is floundering, but their record makes them where they are. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 15

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFC South (5-3): It would definitely have been a tragedy if I ranked them higher then the Cowboys, since the Cowboys beat them today. You can't rank higher then another team when you lose to them... just isn't logical. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 8

10. Arizona Cardinals - NFC West (4-3): Well, a tough loss to the Carolina Panthers is hurtful, but again, it's because of the going from East Coast to West coast, and vice-versa. Anquan Boldin made his return back to the team, and they looked good, but they've come back to the East Coast, and it never votes well for you when you have to go coast-to-coast. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 5

11. Baltimore Ravens - AFC NORTH (4-3): Well, it's official, they can pound the bad team, and lose to the good teams. After dismantling the Raiders, it proves that theory, since they're 0-1 versus the Steelers. I'll tell you this, they're an impressive team, but if they are to make it to the playoffs, they won't be successful at this rate. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 14

12. Philadelphia Eagles - NFC EAST (4-3): Still quite possibly the best 4-3 team, but the losses they have had are inexcusable, and were avoidable, especially the one against the Washington Redskins. I'll give them this, Brian Westbrook was hurt, and that's almost 90 percent of the offense. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 18

13. Atlanta Falcons - NFC SOUTH (4-3): Well, another instance of a team losing to the team that it is ranked below. The Falcons need to get better, but that's for next year, but they are looking impressive more and more as the days continue to dwindle inside the this season. Matt Ryan isn't for real yet, but he's getting closer. They'll be fine, it's just gonna take some time. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 9

14. Chicago Bears - NFC NORTH (4-3): The Bears had an off week, they're ranked lower then the Falcons, because the Falcons played this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 11

15. Green Bay Packers - NFC NORTH (4-3): The Packers have looked good in spurts, and they have what it takes. It's just the inconsistancies across the board is what will keep them knocking on mediochraty's door. Bye week this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 12

16. Denver Broncos - AFC WEST (4-3): Well, honestly, you could put them lower if you weren't like me and didn't rank according to record. They were horrible in the 42-7 loss in New England last week. I can see that they aren't a team that's ready for the limelight of the NFL. Their defense will continue to suffer, and the offense will continue to flutter. Bye week this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 10

17. New York Jets - AFC EAST (4-3): Well, when you nearly lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, you deserve to be ranked below the bye week teams. I'll be honest with you, Brett Favre's probably wishing he had stayed retired. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 17

18. Indianapolis Colts - AFC SOUTH (3-3 - - - Yet To Play): Indianapolis isn't Indianapolis this season. I would be remiss if I had put them lower, considering this team can break out at any time, and still be the team that it is has always been under Tony Dungy. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 20

19. New Orleans Saints - NFC SOUTH (4-4): This week's impressive win versus the Chargers seems to be a good thing to help them out, and help them make a push at the playoffs. With Deuce McCallister facing possible suspension, this may not be the best time to talk playoffs. Oh well, they're still a good team with Drew Brees. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 21

20. Houston Texans - AFC SOUTH (3-4): Sure, they beat the Bengals (who hasn't), but they're starting to look impressive. I'm proud to say they have a realistic shot at beating last year's top record for a season. They're just crazy enough to do it. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 25

21. Cleveland Browns - AFC NORTH (3-4): Impressive as they have been lately with a convincing win over Jacksonville. They're still too inconsistant, and that'll hurt them in the long run. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 22

22. Miami Dolphins - AFC EAST (3-4): I know, I've blasted the Buffalo Bills for losing to you, but you're expected to do better then Cleveland and Houston. Sure, you tripled last year's win total, but you're still a far ways away from being the crem-de-la-crem of the AFC East. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 26

23. Jacksonville Jaguars -AFC SOUTH (3-4): Well, I can't understand why it is that they are doing this bad. They aren't much different then they were last year. It's unfathomable to think as to why they are this bad. I'm worried that it's gonna be worse. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 16

24. Minnesota Vikings - NFC NORTH (3-4): Bye week this week puts them below Jacksonville, and that's the only reason. With Gus Frerotte leading the charge, it's a better offense, but it's still Adrien Peterson's offense. He's the one that makes you tick. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 19

25. San Diego Chargers - AFC WEST (3-5): Not looking good in the Land of the Bolts. LT isn't LT, and the rest of the team is suffering. Well, there's always next year. I can't explain how they are doing this bad, but they are, and it won't stop. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 23

26. St. Louis Rams - NFC WEST (2-5): Hard to penalize a team when they lose to a team they should lose to. The Patriots squaked out a 7 point win. That's too hard of a loss to take, but a great confidence boost that the Rams can keep up with the big guns. Was a tall demand to beat 3 great teams in Washington, Dallas and New England in consecutive weeks. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 24

27. Seattle Seahawks - NFC WEST (2-5): Well, Matt Hasselbeck's injury isn't the reason they're losing, it's a lack of focus. Now, with the lack of Lofa Tatupu, it's hard to see them winning a lot more this year. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 29

28. Oakland Raiders - AFC WEST (2-5): Even with the long leg of Sebastian Janikowski, they still are horrible. They need to relocate to the CFL, and change their names to the Rough Riders. That may help, but then again, it might not. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 28

29. San Francisco 49ers - NFC WEST (2-6): Mike Nolan, yooooooooooooou're fired... Mike Singletary (former Bears Linebacker), you're hired. And you still can't win. Singletary's already showing he's frustrated, now with more titles. He's not getting anywhere benching JT O'Sullivan, and Vernon Davis, but hey, change is good. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 27

30. Kansas City Chiefs - AFC WEST (1-6): Eeeew. That's all I can say. They lose with and without grace, they can't perform, and the only way anyone lately thinks of Larry Johnson, it's pushing women in the face. Not good. My, oh my, wish you still had Marty Schottenheimer. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 30

31. Detroit Lions - NFC NORTH (0-7): Won't say much here, they ain't doing much out on the field. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 31

32. Cincinatti Bengals - AFC NORTH (0=8): Carson Palmer out for the season, so is your winning chances. Ta ta Bengals, we hardly knew ye. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 32

Don't like it

Prove me wrong...

NFL Fantasy Football

Here's a trend I love. I get to play a fantasy general manager thanks to Yahoo Fantasy. I last year took my league with Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and Derick Anderson (who was better then Palmer). My how this year is changed, since Anderson is faltering, and not looking like the All-Pro QB he was last year, and both Brady and Palmer are out for the season.

When the injury bug hits the NFL, so does it to my team. This week I had to bench Joesph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts, lost Palmer to Injury, lost Trent Edwards one week to injury, Anquan Boldin for 3 weeks with injury, and lots of other players, including having to bail on the Colts and Broncos defenses respectfully.

What's cool is that some of the quieter players who get rare but true attention are performing well, and I have them. Stars like Chris Johnson, Dante Rosario, Matt Ryan and Matt Cassell. I took Miami's defense and Buffalo's on a dare, and truth be told, Miami will net points.

So what do I think.

GO FANTASY... make it worth more, and it'll be profitable too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Ultimate Baseball Squad

Well, there's a thing that you can say... With the history of baseball, you could make a full league of all the best players. I'm breaking down the game of the best squad from the 80s-today... I may be wrong (for all I know), but I may be right.

P (I'll select 4 starters, 2 relievers and a closer, relievers could be starters too). SP - Roger Clemens, SP Nolan Ryan, SP Pedro Martinez, SP Randy Johnson, RP Lee Smith, RP Dennis Eckersley, CP Francisco Rodriguez (60 + saves in one season gets him in)

1B (I'll select 3). Mark McGwire (I know he did steroids, but he can bomb it), Frank Thomas, Mo Vaughn (Humor me pick)

2B (I'll select 3). Roberto Alomar, Craig Biggio, Dustin Pedroia (can get on base with the best of them)

SS (I'll take 3). Derek Jeter, Cal Ripkin Jr (Yes, he finished at 3rd base), Walt Weiss

3B (I'll take 3). Scott Brocius, Chipper Jones, Mike Lowell (he's good at 3rd and has a bat)

LF (I'll take 3). Manny Ramirez, Jim Rice, Barry Bonds (before steroids)

CF (I'll take 3). Fred Lynn, Ken Griffey, Jr., Rickey Henderson

RF (I'll take 3). Sammy Sosa, Bobby Bonilla, Ichiro Suzuki

C (I'll take 3). Jorge Posada, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Varitek

UTILITY (I'll take 3) - David Ortiz (1B), Joe Carter (LF), Alex Rodriguez (only if I have to)

If there's a problem, contact me, and I can ignore you... ha ha