Sunday, October 26, 2008


1. Tennessee Titans - AFC SOUTH - (6-0 - still to play): Regardless of win or lose, the Titans are still at #1. There's just no way to penalize them for losing to a Colts team (if that so happens Monday Night), even a sub-par Colts team. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 1

2. New York Giants - NFC EAST - (6-1): Eli may be for real, and the G-Men sure showed a good resolve coming back against a sturdy and strong Pittsburgh Steelers team and catapult themselves to #2. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 4

3. Washington Redskins - NFC EAST (5-2): Look, without major talent, and a severely banged up Jason Taylor, it's apparent that Jason Campbell is a matured quarterback, capable of leading a team. Santana Moss isn't a upper tier receiver, but still is capable, and Clinton Portis is a premiere back. Other then that, it's a who knows team. If you ain't a fan, who knows them? LAST WEEK'S RANK: 6

4. Carolina Panthers - NFC SOUTH (5-2): Well, what a difference this team is with a healthy Jake Delhomme (missed 90% of last year with elbow tendon issues). Steve Smith is providing a team leader, and the rushing attack is what keeps Mike Fox his job. In the Southern Division of the NFC, it's now or never, and never is a wild card. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 7

5. New England Patriots - AFC EAST (5-2): Look Buffalo fans, when you lose to the 2-4 Dolphins, you don't go ahead of the Patriots, although if you think, they haven't beaten them either. It's the fact that with Matt Cassell's performance as of late, it's not the least bit of a concern anymore about "No Brady? What will you do". It's also nice to mention that with the key injuries that they've had (Tom Brady, Rodney Harrisson, Lawrence Maroney, Ellis Hobbs, Deltha O'Neil, Stephen Neal, Logan Mankins, Sammy Morris and LaMont Jordan), they can still win. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 13

6. Buffalo Bills - AFC EAST (5-2): Sorry Trent Edwards and the Bills, but you're no better then the Patriots, but when it comes down to it, the Pats have played 2 division games, and you've gotten 1. That's the reason you're that far down. Be happy to know that at least you don't have that lofty expectation, and you're still headed to the playoffs. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 2

7. Pittsburgh Steelers - AFC North (5-2): Ben Roethlissburger and the Special Teams need to wake up after this one. You cannot leave that many opportunities on the table, and expect to be ranked that high. With the talent and the power smash defense they have, they are a better team then they played today. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 3

8. Dallas Cowboys - NFC East (5-3): Well, Romo's out, and the ship's still a-sinking. Brad Johnson's capable, they traded for Roy E Williams, and lost Roy L Williams (safety) for the rest of the season with a broken forearm. TO is ineffective, Jason Witten was injured today, the defense isn't that great, and the offense is floundering, but their record makes them where they are. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 15

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFC South (5-3): It would definitely have been a tragedy if I ranked them higher then the Cowboys, since the Cowboys beat them today. You can't rank higher then another team when you lose to them... just isn't logical. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 8

10. Arizona Cardinals - NFC West (4-3): Well, a tough loss to the Carolina Panthers is hurtful, but again, it's because of the going from East Coast to West coast, and vice-versa. Anquan Boldin made his return back to the team, and they looked good, but they've come back to the East Coast, and it never votes well for you when you have to go coast-to-coast. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 5

11. Baltimore Ravens - AFC NORTH (4-3): Well, it's official, they can pound the bad team, and lose to the good teams. After dismantling the Raiders, it proves that theory, since they're 0-1 versus the Steelers. I'll tell you this, they're an impressive team, but if they are to make it to the playoffs, they won't be successful at this rate. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 14

12. Philadelphia Eagles - NFC EAST (4-3): Still quite possibly the best 4-3 team, but the losses they have had are inexcusable, and were avoidable, especially the one against the Washington Redskins. I'll give them this, Brian Westbrook was hurt, and that's almost 90 percent of the offense. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 18

13. Atlanta Falcons - NFC SOUTH (4-3): Well, another instance of a team losing to the team that it is ranked below. The Falcons need to get better, but that's for next year, but they are looking impressive more and more as the days continue to dwindle inside the this season. Matt Ryan isn't for real yet, but he's getting closer. They'll be fine, it's just gonna take some time. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 9

14. Chicago Bears - NFC NORTH (4-3): The Bears had an off week, they're ranked lower then the Falcons, because the Falcons played this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 11

15. Green Bay Packers - NFC NORTH (4-3): The Packers have looked good in spurts, and they have what it takes. It's just the inconsistancies across the board is what will keep them knocking on mediochraty's door. Bye week this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 12

16. Denver Broncos - AFC WEST (4-3): Well, honestly, you could put them lower if you weren't like me and didn't rank according to record. They were horrible in the 42-7 loss in New England last week. I can see that they aren't a team that's ready for the limelight of the NFL. Their defense will continue to suffer, and the offense will continue to flutter. Bye week this week. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 10

17. New York Jets - AFC EAST (4-3): Well, when you nearly lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, you deserve to be ranked below the bye week teams. I'll be honest with you, Brett Favre's probably wishing he had stayed retired. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 17

18. Indianapolis Colts - AFC SOUTH (3-3 - - - Yet To Play): Indianapolis isn't Indianapolis this season. I would be remiss if I had put them lower, considering this team can break out at any time, and still be the team that it is has always been under Tony Dungy. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 20

19. New Orleans Saints - NFC SOUTH (4-4): This week's impressive win versus the Chargers seems to be a good thing to help them out, and help them make a push at the playoffs. With Deuce McCallister facing possible suspension, this may not be the best time to talk playoffs. Oh well, they're still a good team with Drew Brees. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 21

20. Houston Texans - AFC SOUTH (3-4): Sure, they beat the Bengals (who hasn't), but they're starting to look impressive. I'm proud to say they have a realistic shot at beating last year's top record for a season. They're just crazy enough to do it. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 25

21. Cleveland Browns - AFC NORTH (3-4): Impressive as they have been lately with a convincing win over Jacksonville. They're still too inconsistant, and that'll hurt them in the long run. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 22

22. Miami Dolphins - AFC EAST (3-4): I know, I've blasted the Buffalo Bills for losing to you, but you're expected to do better then Cleveland and Houston. Sure, you tripled last year's win total, but you're still a far ways away from being the crem-de-la-crem of the AFC East. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 26

23. Jacksonville Jaguars -AFC SOUTH (3-4): Well, I can't understand why it is that they are doing this bad. They aren't much different then they were last year. It's unfathomable to think as to why they are this bad. I'm worried that it's gonna be worse. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 16

24. Minnesota Vikings - NFC NORTH (3-4): Bye week this week puts them below Jacksonville, and that's the only reason. With Gus Frerotte leading the charge, it's a better offense, but it's still Adrien Peterson's offense. He's the one that makes you tick. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 19

25. San Diego Chargers - AFC WEST (3-5): Not looking good in the Land of the Bolts. LT isn't LT, and the rest of the team is suffering. Well, there's always next year. I can't explain how they are doing this bad, but they are, and it won't stop. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 23

26. St. Louis Rams - NFC WEST (2-5): Hard to penalize a team when they lose to a team they should lose to. The Patriots squaked out a 7 point win. That's too hard of a loss to take, but a great confidence boost that the Rams can keep up with the big guns. Was a tall demand to beat 3 great teams in Washington, Dallas and New England in consecutive weeks. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 24

27. Seattle Seahawks - NFC WEST (2-5): Well, Matt Hasselbeck's injury isn't the reason they're losing, it's a lack of focus. Now, with the lack of Lofa Tatupu, it's hard to see them winning a lot more this year. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 29

28. Oakland Raiders - AFC WEST (2-5): Even with the long leg of Sebastian Janikowski, they still are horrible. They need to relocate to the CFL, and change their names to the Rough Riders. That may help, but then again, it might not. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 28

29. San Francisco 49ers - NFC WEST (2-6): Mike Nolan, yooooooooooooou're fired... Mike Singletary (former Bears Linebacker), you're hired. And you still can't win. Singletary's already showing he's frustrated, now with more titles. He's not getting anywhere benching JT O'Sullivan, and Vernon Davis, but hey, change is good. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 27

30. Kansas City Chiefs - AFC WEST (1-6): Eeeew. That's all I can say. They lose with and without grace, they can't perform, and the only way anyone lately thinks of Larry Johnson, it's pushing women in the face. Not good. My, oh my, wish you still had Marty Schottenheimer. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 30

31. Detroit Lions - NFC NORTH (0-7): Won't say much here, they ain't doing much out on the field. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 31

32. Cincinatti Bengals - AFC NORTH (0=8): Carson Palmer out for the season, so is your winning chances. Ta ta Bengals, we hardly knew ye. LAST WEEK'S RANK: 32

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