Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disturbing Trends in the NFL

Well, Adam "Pacman" Jones isn't alone with the rap sheets lately. It's a disturbing trend I 'd like to see gone.

First and foremost. These players do have the right to be a person outside of the game, but understand what you do is highlighted more on SportsCenter for what you do off the field then on it. The media wants to knock you down peg after peg, and you're letting them. Let's highlight some of the lowlights in the NFL.

Larry Johnson - Mr. Penn State before going pro with the Kansas City Chiefs. Had attitude issues that lead to disputes with coaches, and public calling outs. When he finally got his chance, he proved he was talented enough to do the job, and lead a team. Injuries kept him out. However, he also has this thing for Spitting Drinks into women's faces, inciting Simple Assault Charges on him. Mr. Johnson... keep your drinks in your mouth, you're not a sprinkler, and if they wanted what you were drinking, they wouldn't want it from your mouth. Now, he may be lost for the season if these charges hold up.

Santonio Holmes - Well, Pittsburgh could have used you. And you weren't there, because of your arrest on Marijuana Charges. Not smart. You're a talented player, leave the grass in the locker room. There's another Ricky Williams Wannabe here, and it's not good. I'd like to see you guys realize that Athletes don't need this stuff, and Athletes need to keep their chin out of trouble. You not being there really made it easy to double Heins Ward and Heath Miller, making it easy to stop your already banged up offense. I'm sure that it's okay with that public appology, afterall, a loss is okay if you weren't there.

8 NFL PLAYERS - From Deuce McCallister to Grady Jackson, 8 NFL Players have been caught testing positive for a banned dieuretic, which also has been known to mask a positive steroids test. Now, the NFLPA is fighting it, but it's still a banned substance, you should keep control of what goes in your body.

Chris Henry - Well, he was released from his Bengals contract because he spent more time in jail then out of it. Suspended for a season due to off-field issues. He was resigned by the Bengals, and since has stayed out of trouble. Well, for now.

Odell Thurman - Another Cincinatti Bengal with a longer rap sheet then stat sheet. He had promise until he couldn't stop the illegal substances. Well, he only has himself to blame. No "boo hoo to me", it's his fault.

Tank Williams - Bears had him, he was great, violated probation by having a gun. Now, I've never been on probation, but I do believe they outline what you can't do. If they say no gun... don't buy a gun. Released, resurfaced with the Dallas Cowboys, who have a lengthy history of hiring those with character of ill repute.

Kevin Faulk - Although he's not a repeat offender as the others, he still was suspended due to "off field" problems. I'll be honest, just shows you that the NFL won't fall for the BS that is done after the pads are off. You represent the NFL in the pre, regular and post seasons, and you have to control youreself.

Adam "Pacman" Jones - Suspended all of last season, because he became on a first name basis with police departments all over the country. He comes back this year, and less then 5 games into the season, he gets into an alcohol-related altercation with a bodygaurd, hired by the Cowboys, and is suspended indefinitely. He later checks into a rehab center for alcohol. Hey, I know... CONTROL YOURSELF... what a novel idea.

Koren Robinson - Such great promise, such great hope, calibur of wide receiver that you would want on your team... big fan of the bottle too. He was moved out of Minnesota, Green Bay and Seattle. I'm not sure if you can just drink a smidge, and enjoy company of others a little less tipsy.

If there's a bit of issues, try not to make the headlines in the wrong way. I can understand entirely that you are entitled to your private life, but when it crosses the line of legality, you deserve to be chastized. If you want to make people think you're genuine, don't do stupid stuff. Absolutely don't. I can't stress that we like the players, not the felons. There's no such thing as the real "Longest Yard". You can't be on ESPN from "The Prison Yard". Trust me, ask Michael Vick.

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RookieRuggerLSU said...

Actually - in regards to the positive drug tests - it was 15 or so that have tested positive. 8 of them are on the Saints team.