Sunday, October 26, 2008

NFL Fantasy Football

Here's a trend I love. I get to play a fantasy general manager thanks to Yahoo Fantasy. I last year took my league with Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and Derick Anderson (who was better then Palmer). My how this year is changed, since Anderson is faltering, and not looking like the All-Pro QB he was last year, and both Brady and Palmer are out for the season.

When the injury bug hits the NFL, so does it to my team. This week I had to bench Joesph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts, lost Palmer to Injury, lost Trent Edwards one week to injury, Anquan Boldin for 3 weeks with injury, and lots of other players, including having to bail on the Colts and Broncos defenses respectfully.

What's cool is that some of the quieter players who get rare but true attention are performing well, and I have them. Stars like Chris Johnson, Dante Rosario, Matt Ryan and Matt Cassell. I took Miami's defense and Buffalo's on a dare, and truth be told, Miami will net points.

So what do I think.

GO FANTASY... make it worth more, and it'll be profitable too.

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