Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Ultimate Baseball Squad

Well, there's a thing that you can say... With the history of baseball, you could make a full league of all the best players. I'm breaking down the game of the best squad from the 80s-today... I may be wrong (for all I know), but I may be right.

P (I'll select 4 starters, 2 relievers and a closer, relievers could be starters too). SP - Roger Clemens, SP Nolan Ryan, SP Pedro Martinez, SP Randy Johnson, RP Lee Smith, RP Dennis Eckersley, CP Francisco Rodriguez (60 + saves in one season gets him in)

1B (I'll select 3). Mark McGwire (I know he did steroids, but he can bomb it), Frank Thomas, Mo Vaughn (Humor me pick)

2B (I'll select 3). Roberto Alomar, Craig Biggio, Dustin Pedroia (can get on base with the best of them)

SS (I'll take 3). Derek Jeter, Cal Ripkin Jr (Yes, he finished at 3rd base), Walt Weiss

3B (I'll take 3). Scott Brocius, Chipper Jones, Mike Lowell (he's good at 3rd and has a bat)

LF (I'll take 3). Manny Ramirez, Jim Rice, Barry Bonds (before steroids)

CF (I'll take 3). Fred Lynn, Ken Griffey, Jr., Rickey Henderson

RF (I'll take 3). Sammy Sosa, Bobby Bonilla, Ichiro Suzuki

C (I'll take 3). Jorge Posada, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Varitek

UTILITY (I'll take 3) - David Ortiz (1B), Joe Carter (LF), Alex Rodriguez (only if I have to)

If there's a problem, contact me, and I can ignore you... ha ha

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