Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFL Power Rankings as of Week 14

Well, another week, another power ranking... let's get right into it.

1. Tennessee Titans - 12-1 - AFC South Champs - Well, the Colts' run is over in the South, and the Titans are #1. Thanks to back up Kerry Collins, and a sweet move by Jeff Fisher to bench Vince Young before the season went bad... With Chris Johnson rushing like he does, it's hard not to put them at #1... although Vic Carrucci had them ranked 3rd.

2. New York Giants - 11-2 - NFC East Champs - 1st Round Bye - Well, you fall after faltering against the Philadelphia Eagles. Although yes, you are the champs, let's remember that you're the only consistant team in the NFC East. Plaxico's more of a distraction then you think he is, and you guys showed it on the field. Let's not mention Antonio Pierce either.

3. Carolina Panthers - 10-3 - NFC South - The reason they're ahead of the Steelers is Strength of division. With the Atlanta Falcons (8-5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-4) and New Orleans Saints (7-6), it's hard to put Pittsburgh who has Baltimore (9-4), Cleveland (4-9) and Cincinatti (1-11-1). You have to play 6 of your games against 3 teams above .500... you deserve to rank third.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers - 10-3 - AFC North - With this big game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, it may have more implications then we think. Considering the fact that the Steelers bolster the #1 ranked Defense in every category known to man, although Baltimore's like 1-A. Anyhoo. The Steelers have defeated the Patriots (at Gilette Stadium) and that win helps keep a tiebreaker if the Ravens pull off the division.

5. Baltimore Ravens - 9-4 - AFC North - Well, with Rookie quarterback Joe Flacco pushing this team to offensive prowless on a team that's always been known for defense... you're something special. Add to that coach Harbaugh, a rookie NFL Coach himself. You're a solid top 5'er in my book.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 9-4 - NFC South - A great season for the guys at "The New Sombrero". Nothing to be upset about. However, you have to realize that you need to utilize more runs with the rushing game. Congrats on the Tampa D on making themselves a name again under Monty Kiffen.

7. Indianapolis Colts - 9-4 - AFC South - Well, you aren't the champs of the AFC South Anymore, but you're looking like the Colts again. Peyton's Peyton, that's all you need to care about. At least you struggled early in the season.

8. Atlanta Falcons - 8-5 - NFC South - You're there, you can sniff it. Matt Ryan gots game, and the offense is reaping the rewards. It's a nice thing to see that rookies can prosper, even rookie coaches. Mike Smith has these guys playing the season of seasons after the distraction of that "Michael Vick" guy from last year. Be nice to see them at the top, to keep the tradition the NFC South has had of worst to first every year. If you finished last last year, you're usually first this year.

9. Denver Broncos - 8-5 - AFC West - Finally a western squad out here. Well, it's not pretty, but thanks to the rest of your division completely sucking this year, you're guarenteed the playoffs without competition. With San Diego (5-8), Oakland (3-10) and Kansas City (2-11), it's all but systematical you're in. Nice to live life in a weak division.

10. Dallas Cowboys - 8-5 - NFC East - Well, it's December, let the collapse begin. You gave a game away to the Steelers then threw Romo under the bus. The dude's still gots a broken pinkie finger. But we blame the quarterback for losses, and the wide receivers for victories. How's that gonna work out?

11. Arizona Cardinals - 8-5 - NFC West Champs - Well, the ultimate crappy division strikes again, with the Cardinals, San Francisco (4-9), St. Louis (2-11) and Seattle (2-11), it's not even worth mentioning. You're not in the top 10 because you're a weak division leader. At least you'll host a playoff game.

12. Miami Dolphins - 8-5 - AFC East - They rank ahead of the Patriots, because they made a Buffalo team lose in Toronto. The Jets fall because they lost to the 49ers, and the Patriots are falling due to struggling against the afformentioned Seattle Seahawks. As the top dog in the 3 headed monster that is the AFC East with New England (also 8-5), NY Jets (also 8-5) and Buffalo (6-7).

13. New England Patriots - 8-5 - AFC East - They slip down because of struggling against the Seattle Seahawks... a team you should have beaten quite handedly. Now, you add that Tedy Bruschi may be out for the rest of the season, but reinforcements are coming in retired Junior Seau and Roosevelt Colvin, who you had released early in training camp.

14. New York Jets - 8-5 - AFC East - Lost to San Francisco? WEAK... I should drop you farther, but I think I'm running out of 8-5 teams, and you rank here, because you still have Brett Favre.

15. Minnesota Vikings - 8-5 - NFC North - Well, you're in the lead in the NFC North, but also remember, it's the same division as the Detroit Kittens, I mean Detroit Lions (0-13). Tough to rank ahead of many when 2 of 4 teams are below 500.

16. Philadelphia Eagles - 7-5-1 - NFC East - Well, it's not pretty, and yes Donnovan, there are ties. You guys need to keep Brian Westbrook a running back... then when you throw to him, it makes it work. Keep it up, if the Cowboys do the December Belly Flop, you have the cat-bird's seat.

17. New Orleans Saints - 7-6 - NFC South - Well, as the cellar dweller here, you can rest assured that you have a great chance of winning it all next year. You're not bad, you only rank behind the Eagles in the loss department. Keep your hopes up, you can still make the playoffs.

18. Chicago Bears - 7-6 - NFC North - Well, you had the chance to move up and be an 8-5 team, you just can't handle those in-division games that don't play the Lions. The Vikings are a crucial game every year. Still, the defence ROCKS.

19. Washington Redskins - 7-6 - NFC East - Well, you've proved me wrong that you were a Super Bowl Contender. Well, one can dream, can't I. I can't figure you guys out, so you don't get more then 3 lines out of me.

20. Houston Texans - 6-7 - AFC South - I'm done saying well. This team's proving that you don't need talent to succeed, but they're still a distance away from being a top flight team without it. Matt Shaub is injury prone, and you should thank your lucky stars Sage Rosenfels is a good backup that can help out.

21. Buffalo Bills - 6-7 - AFC East - You can't win a game that you should have dominated. In Toronto, Buffalo North. It's not like you don't have talent. Oh wait, I forgot, JP Lohsman was the quarterback. Never mind.

22. San Francisco 49ers - 5-8 - NFC West - The only other team in the NFC West with more then 2 wins. Mike Singletary may have just been the guy for them. It's nothing else. Shaun Hill may be what they need... not JT O'Sullivan. Well, hopefully they keep Singletary... he'll bring back the 49ers of old.

23. Green Bay Packers - 5-8 - NFC North - The season had promise, the season had hope, and now even I wish Brett Favre was still a Packer. They still have the frozen tundra. That's good enough for me.

24. San Diego Chargers - 5-8 - AFC West - You have won the most disappointing turnaround award, and don't blame the absence of Shawne Merriman. You guys have sucked through the whole time. LT has less then 10 total touchdowns this season, looks horrible, Phillip Rivers may be rowing his boat gently down the stream, and the defense is damn near pathetic.

25. Cleveland Browns - 4-9 - AFC North - 2 of 3 starters out for the year (Derek Anderson - Knee; Brady Quinn - Finger), down to Ken Dorsey. The season's officially over. You signed a washed up. couldn't be, it's not easy to say this, but Romeo, Romeo, your job is toast-o, romeo. In comes a rebirth of Marty Ball, Schottenheimer may be back as Browns head coach. Tooooo funny.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars - 4-9 - AFC South - Another team that proved my Super Bowl Prediction Wrong. Way to disappoint those who were counting on you not to look totally lost in the NFL. I don't know why, but you guys aren't the team that you were last year, and it's definitely not Jack Del Rio's fault.

27. Oakland Raiders - 3-10 - AFC West - Can't think of anything Positive to say about a team that fires the head coach because he didn't want the owner running the playing. Why hire a head coach if you want to coach? Anyhoo... there's always next year (snicker).

28. St. Louis Rams - 2-11 - NFC West - I just wanted to put them ahead of someone so it's not so embarrassing? It's a mess there, and there's no help in sight, unless Dick Vermiel comes out of retirement.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - 2-11 - AFC West - Eh, be happy you're not the Detroit Lions. That's the best thing I can say. You're gonna draft high, maybe even fire Herm Edwards. Who knows, it's not pretty, and won't be.

30. Seattle Seahawks - 2-11 - NFC West - It's especially embarrassing to be an 11 or 12 win team to losing that number. Not nice to do to the departing Mike Holmgren. You quit already, and it's not fair. He gave you the best years you've ever had.

31. Cincinatti Bengal - 1-11-1 - AFC North - You're an embarrassment to pro-ball. It's not right that you have the talent you do, and then you can't freakin' fart right. Not cool. You're the Bungles from here on out.

32. Detroit Lions - 0-13 - NFC North - How can you go 0 for everything? Hire Rod Marinelli, or Matt Millan. Bring back Wayne Fontz. You had a chance then. I'd like to see the Lions take on the Appalacian State Football Team. It's probably a closer game then you'd see them play in the NFL.

There they are, another Power Ranking from me. don't like it, watch soccer.

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